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Elliot's Journey

Elliot H

Elliot was born premature at 27 weeks, weighing only 2 pounds. It was recommended by the hospital to seek out Early Intervention services to support Elliot’s development and address any health concerns commonly related to prematurity. Elliot had to be sent home with a heart monitor.  He became automatically eligible for Babynet services in July 2015. Danielle, Elliot’s mom knew she wanted Easterseals to provide her Early Intervention services based on a close friends recommendation.  Danielle trusted her friend when she said “Easterseals would be the best fit for their family” and their Early Intervention services began practically by the time they got home from the hospital. 

Danielle makes being a mom of two look easy.  Elliot usually sits happily in his highchair eating and playing with a snack while watching his big sister eat at the table. Elliot’s sister is 4 and has been wonderful at helping Elliot learn new things every day.  Now that Elliot is walking and running, he and his sister play together all of the time.  Danielle is excited to report Elliot is starting to string together 2 words and he recently began to practice feeding himself with a fork. The only problem with that Danielle says, is Elliot then thinks it looks like a comb and puts the fork in his hair. It’s great to have my Early Interventionist assure me that Elliot is on track to meet his milestones. He is learning through natural routines and pretend play about all the things in his environment.  Danielle reports parenting can still be a challenge at times and she is grateful for Easterseals and their expertise in development.  Danielle feels Easterseals is a little part of their family and she would recommend Easterseals to any one deciding to have Early Intervention for their premature baby. 

Elliot walking
Elliot with a fork

elliot eating
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