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Twins 2

How did you discover that your child had special needs?

Dixie and Autumn were born at 27 weeks.  They were in the hospital from June-August.  During their stay they were being monitored closely, the day mom and dad were taking them home they were informed that they both had cysts on their brain, which is associated with and a sign of Cerebral Palsy.  Dixie’s case was worse than Autumn’s.  They were both diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in October of 2014.

How did you learn about Easter Seals Early Intervention?

During their stay in the hospital DSS and their case manager referred them to BN and they then choose Easterseals as their provider.

How do you feel your child is doing now in comparison to when they first started their early Intervention journey?

Both are the girls have made amazing strides over the past 3 ½ years.  Dixie with using her hands, sitting up, and her speech.  Autumn with her walking and use of speech.  Dixie receives OT, PT, and ST.  Autumn receives OT and PT.

What kinds of support have been most helpful to you and why?

Mom feels that Physical Therapy has been the most beneficial for both girls.  When they began with Easterseals neither girl had any mobility.  Now Autumn walks independently with and without her splints.  Dixie is now able to sit with support and roll around on the floor while playing with her sister.   

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