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Angel's Story

Angel June 2018

How did you discover that your child had special needs?

We discovered that angel has special needs after he was born. He showed problems swallowing initially. Later we saw delays in walking and communication.

How did you learn about Easterseals?

We learned about Easterseals from our Early Intervention Coordinator, Natalie Dunn.

How do you feel your child is doing now in comparison to when they first started their journey? What is he able to do now that he was not able to do before?

Angel has grown and learned a lot. He started with Early Intervention at 6 months old. He is showing a better understanding of language and is even communicating now! He is also walking, which we were told he would probably never walk.

What kinds of support have been most helpful to you and why?

Angel's early interventionist has been with him since he was 7 months old and has helped him in all areas. Carol, his speech therapist, has been the one to help him communicate.

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