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Mother's Day for Military Moms

By Sara Heidenheimer

Mother's Day is a bittersweet holiday for military moms who may not have their spouse at home to help coordinate that not-so-secret breakfast in bed and the "surprise" gifts. Or, you could be the military mom yourself, on a ship in the middle of the ocean or on a base half a world away.

If you are the significant other experiencing these challenges, how can you help plan a special day? 

Sara Heidenheimer and Her Sons Outside

For the Spouse of a Deployed Service Member:

This is me, and my husband is amazing at planning ahead. (I am very lucky!) That’s the key, as well as calling upon friends and family to help.

Sara Heidenheimer and Her Youngest Son Dressed Up

For the Active Duty Military Mom

I know how hard it is being away from my kids (after the first two hours of blessed silence), and I know Mother’s Day will be tough for this mom. My deployed moms try to think of it as just another day. But there are ways to make it special. 

Sara Heidenheimer and Her Older Son Camping

The bottom line? No matter which of these moms you have in your life, just do what you can to show them they are loved and appreciated. It will mean more than you know and is totally worth the extra effort.

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