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Preschool Program

The Preschool Program provides varied experiences for young children ages 3 through 5, offering full-day preschool and childcare services.

The educational program of each day emphasizes learning through play and experience, sharing materials and ideas, and the total development of the child. Literacy is also a major focus of the educational program. Children are exposed to letters, numbers, books, nursery rhymes, and many other forms of literacy materials and interactions in a developmentally appropriate manner. Exposure to these helps to ensure that your child will enter kindergarten ready to learn.

"Activity" periods are scheduled each day, during which children choose learning labs, special teacher-directed activities, or pursue individual interests and relationships. Some materials are available throughout the day, while others are gathered and brought out for special activities and projects, based on the interests and needs of the children and staff. The program is designed so that children can grow, develop and enjoy.

Social growth lies at the core of the Preschool Program. With guidance from staff, children learn about personal relationships with a variety of people. Sharing, taking turns, listening to others, having conversations, solving conflicts, and learning simple routines are all aspects of social growth. We strive for a sense of community by providing a variety of group activities so that the children can share ideas and experiences.

For more information please call 603.666.5982 or email.

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