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Early Intervention Services

What is Early Intervention?

Research proves that early intervention and individualized service contributes directly to the later success of children and families. Easter Seals Nevada offers a family centered approach to working with children who have special needs ages birth to three years who have a developmental delay or are at risk for a delay. The services provided to our families occur in their natural environment. Natural environments could include the individual's home, daycare, or other community setting such as a park or store. The program is staffed by experienced, caring and professional Child Development Specialists and Therapists. Our team works together to deliver high quality services to our families. Our staff works diligently to form strong working relationships with each of the families we serve. Using the transdisciplinary approach, Child Developmental Specialists work alongside the therapists and family to ensure that a strong home program is written and followed in order to increase the level of developmental progress for children receiving services.

What is the transdisciplinary approach and why is it used?

Easter Seals Nevada believes that teaching the family different techniques for working on specific skills their child is acquiring is the most beneficial to the family and child. The family spends many hours with their child between sessions with specialists at Easter Seals Nevada. By involving the family in the strategies for developmental progress, the child has far more opportunities to practice the newly developing skills. Our job at Easter Seals Nevada is to teach the caregivers how to implement strategies during the family's already established daily routines.

Families come first at Easter Seals Nevada

The Easter Seals Nevada Early Intervention Program believes in Family Centered Practice. We understand that families provide the best insight into their children and we recognize the importance of a family driven Individual Family Service Plan, or IFSP. Families are the key members of the IFSP team, therefore their wants and needs are the driving force of the plan.

Making the step to receive services

The first step in receiving services is to call your concerns into the state referral line at (702) 486-9200. After the referral call has been made, an appointment for evaluation will be scheduled. During the evaluation, two professionals will determine eligibility. If your child has been diagnosed with a specific disability or they exhibit a 50 percent delay in one domain or a 25 percent delay in two domains, including cognitive, social-emotional, communication, motor, and adaptive, they will be made eligible for services. Once your child is made eligible, your family and your early intervention team will begin to develop and work on specific goals from services.

Early Intervention Services

Call (702) 870-7050 for more information regarding Early Intervention Services at Easter Seals Nevada or contact us by e-mail.

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