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Children's Services

The first few years of a child's life are critical. Easterseals Nevada recognizes this fact.  We also recognize that families provide the best insight for their children. 

Make the First Five Count®

Easter Seals created the Make the First Five Count program to raise awareness for kids at risk for developmental delays, autism and other disabilities. On MaketheFirstFive Count.org, you can find resources like the Ages and Stages Questionnaires®, a free, online screening tool for parents to track their child's developmental milestones.

Early Intervention - Services in Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada 

Early intervention services help young children with disabilities achieve their goals in cognitive, social/emotional, communicative, adaptive and physical development. Services may include occupational therapy to help an infant learn to hold her bottle, physical therapy to help her learn to roll over, or speech therapy to help her learn to eat. Most early intervention services take place in the home or, in the case of working parents, at child care facilities in the local community.

Children's Therapy Clinic - Services in Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada

We equip children and families with the knowledge/skills needed to participate and be successful in daily activities, and provide therapy services to ensure that children have the opportunity to live, learn, work and play in our communities. Our Children's Therapy Clinic includes Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Feeding Therapy.

Assistive Technology - Services in Northern and Southern Nevada

As our world embraces technology, individuals with disabilities are benefiting from advances in assistive technology. Easterseals Nevada is proud to be Nevada’s premier provider of Assistive Technology (AT) and understands that technology is an integral part for people with disabilities meeting their independence goals. Assistive technology includes equipment and services that allow individuals with disabilities to overcome barriers in the home, on the job, at school or just about anywhere

Please contact Easter Seals Nevada for more information about Children's Services near you.

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