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Shelby: Making Lifelong Friends


Raised in the town of Bluffton, Indiana, 25-year-old Shelby was on the lookout for a new home just a few months ago. She wanted an environment in which she felt comfortable as well as a situation that could accommodate her needs. She heard about Easterseals Arc from her cousin, who told her that she had heard nothing but good things about the agency and the services they offer. After a bit of research and discussions with her family, Shelby made the decision to come to Easterseals Arc to live in one of the group homes in Fort Wayne.

Shelby has lived in Abbott House for a little over two months and says she loves everything about it. Her favorite part of Easterseals Arc is meeting so many new people and forming friendships with the staff and other clients.

Shelby has many goals in life but recently she has been working diligently to get a job. She also said her number one goal is to get her GED and then attend college. When she isn’t working on her GED or looking for a job, you might find her volunteering at Macy’s, where she organizes and folds clothing for the store.

Shelby also enjoys writing in her journal, working out, and playing video games. Recently, she went on a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo with Easterseals Arc, where she was able to see her favorite animal, dolphins!

Shelby said she was a little nervous to come into a completely new environment at Easterseals Arc, especially since she didn’t know anyone. But after just two months, she really enjoys living in her group home and loves taking part in all the different activities with her housemates. Her advice to anyone that is considering Easterseals Arc and its services is, “Don’t be nervous because once you get settled in, you’ll meet a lot of new people and make friends that will last a lifetime.”

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