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Faces of Easterseals Arc

Vera: Motivated to Be Healthier

Vera preparing chicken for dinner For years, staff at Easterseals Arc have encouraged Vera to lose weight. What finally made the difference this year is her own motivation.
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Tim: Proud of a Job Well Done

Man leaning on cleaning cart Tim wanted a job, working with people he liked, and he found that at Easterseals Arc. “I love my job today, I don’t get paid by how much I do on a piece rate, I get paid by the hour for doing a good job.”
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Shelby: Making Lifelong Friends

Shelby smiling in Transitions classroom Shelby was looking for a new home in an environment where she felt comfortable. She found Easterseals Arc ... and friends for a lifetime.
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Ralph: Working to Reach Life Goals

Ralph restocks straws Ralph keeps McDonald’s scrupulously clean. Mostly he enjoys the work, he says. But that work is not an end in itself. Working at McDonald’s is a step toward a bigger goal for Ralph. “I’m going to move out on my own,” he says.
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Pam and Ashley: Helping Others Navigate A Lifetime Journey

Pam and her daughter Ashley Pam Porter’s job is helping families in which a child has just been diagnosed with autism live with the newfound reality of a disability. She well understands the journey.
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Luke: Communicating Via Technology

Luke and Danielle work with an iPad Luke taps the screen of an iPad, and a tiny machine voice chirps, “fish crackers.” Easterseals Arc staff member Danielle Jones gives him a yellow cracker shaped like a fish. Luke pops it into his mouth.To a stranger, it might seem like a small moment, but it represents the culmination of a couple of months’ learning.
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Judy: Back to Work and Ready for More

Judy cleaning counter With decades of restaurant work on her résumé, Judy is back on the job at age 79.
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Darrius: The Ideal Employee

Darrius assembles battery housings Politeness, speed, dexterity, focus, and diligence combine to make Darrius an outstanding worker in the Projects Drive Group.
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Aaron and RiChard: Building Bonds of Friendship Through Fun

Aaron and RiChard tickle each other Aaron and RiChard play like their lives depend on it. The quality of life depends on bursts of fun to punctuate daily routines, and these two are superstars of play.
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