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Autism Awareness License Plates

Autism License Plates

Autism Awareness drives change.  Join the movement.

For the very first time, the state of Missouri is offering Autism Awareness specialty license plates, which feature the colorful puzzle-piece ribbon. These license plates provide taxpayers with a new way to support autism programs, while increasing awareness of autism. Autism now affects 1 in 70 children in Missouri. Your specialty license plate purchase will help provide vital services for children and adults in Missouri who have autism.

Before the state of Missouri begins production on the Autism Awareness specialty license plates, Easterseals Midwest must pre-sell 200 plates. The cost of the plates is just $25 for one year, plus a processing fee paid to the Missouri Department of Revenue.  

 1) Your Part:

Make an annual tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more* to Easterseals Midwest. We provide three options:

 2) Our Part:

Upon receipt of a check or online donation, Easterseals Midwest will send you:

    Your "emblem use authorization" form, and
    The Missouri Department of Revenue application for personalized and special license plates (DOR 1716)

3) Your Next Part:

Submit all required paperwork and fees to:
  Easterseals Midwest
  13545 Barrett Parkway Drive
  Suite 300
  Ballwin, MO

    (1) DOR 1716 application; (2) emblem use authorization form; and (3) $15 check payable to DOR for your annual plate fee.
    *If you qualify for a two-year license registration, a $50 minimum donation must be made to Easterseals Midwest. Contact us at 314-394-7064 for more information.


We must collect 200 applications and fees for these new license plates.

Order your plates today, and you will receive word from the DMV when your plates are ready for pickup. Then, simply take the postcard with you to the DMV, and your registration fee will be prorated based on your current license plate renewal month.  Thank you for supporting the individuals and families we serve by driving changing with Easterseals Midwest!

To learn more about services available at Easterseals Midwest,
please contact us at 1-800-200-2119 or

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