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Easterseals Trauma Services

Trauma Services

LUNA™ stands for LOOK, UNCOVER, NURTURE, and ACT, all stages in which we address in a child that has experienced trauma or chronic stress. A traumatic or chronically stressful event can be many things beyond abuse or neglect. As the number of childhood traumas and chronic stress experiences increase, the risk for health problems in adulthood increases.


Children who have experienced trauma and chronic stress WITHOUT treatment are:

The effects of trauma can impact:

We provide our highly effective trauma assessment services under contract with the Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHHS) for children and families referred through their Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Programs in many counties across Michigan.

Please call 1.800.75.SEALS  to learn more about how to access MDHHS trauma assessment services and other  specialized trauma assessment, treatment and training consulting services we offer.

ONLINE SCREENING TOOL: Take the free online screening - this short, four question tool will determine the impact trauma exposure has had on the child. This will help determine if more targeted examination is warranted.

COMPREHENSIVE TRAUMA ASSESSMENT: After taking the free online screening, an in-depth examination may be required. This comprehensive trauma assessment includes 3-4 clinical batteries to explore the impact and identify the best treatment.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM ASSESSMENT: After taking the comprehensive trauma assessment this multidisciplinary team assessment may be needed. This assessment includes psychological, speech and language, occupational therapy and neurological metrics to identify the impact the trauma has had on the child.


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