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Young Adults

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Easterseals adult day services offer choices for young adults with disabilities who need a safe, supervised social daytime setting. Easterseals adult day time care services provide appropriate support to younger adults with disabilities, and a chance to live satisfying lives in their communities.

Who benefits from Easterseals adult day services for younger adults with disabilities?

Whether through birth conditions, accidents or chronic illness, many young adults and their families benefit from Easterseals adult day services. Some young adults with multiple physical or mental disabilities find Easterseals adult day programs as they transition from school to community-based services. Many are accident survivors, living with traumatic brain injuries.

Center-based adult day services provide therapeutic programming for individuals 18 and older with a physical disability or social or cognitive impairment who need some assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, eating, etc.). Programs also offer a break for family caregivers. Many centers target specific populations such as persons with developmental disabilities, while others serve a diverse group with physical and/or mental health diagnoses.

In-home Care
Easterseals in-home care aims to prevent premature institutionalization by providing the necessary support services to allow an individual to live at home. In-home care can both preserve self-esteem and dignity, and also promote increased independence. In-home services enhance people's independence in daily living. Services include: Bathing; Dressing; Meal preparation; Laundry; Light housekeeping; Transportation; and Shopping.

Medical Support

Many Easterseals programs provide medical supervision and health-related services on a daily basis. Qualified staff administer medications and monitor a variety of medical conditions. Most often, therapy services (occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy) are available. Some medical programs also offer additional services such as bathing and personal care. Referrals to medical model centers may include individuals who have recently been discharged from a hospital.

Project Action: Accessible Community Transportation In Our Nation
America is home to more that 54 million people with disabilities who work, play, shop, vote, pursue an education, raise families, and volunteer in their communities. In 1990, Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the civil-rights law that ensures individuals with disabilities access to employment, education, state and local government programs and services, businesses, telecommunications, and public transportation.

Social Support

Easterseals programs do not provide daily medical supervision and are designed for persons whose primary needs are for socialization, recreation, community involvement, some supervision and minimal assistance with activities of daily living (eating, dressing, walking, etc.).

Transportation Solutions for Younger Adults and Caregivers
Transportation is an issue vital to quality of life for older adults and their caregivers. When physical and cognitive impairments prevent older adults from driving or using public transportation, caregivers often become primary transportation providers. The following materials and resources were developed to address this critical issue. 

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