Clinical Supervisor/Behavioral Analyst, BCBA

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Attn: HR Manager

Phone: (808) 536-1015, ext. 1121


Whom should we contact with questions about this position? Jennifer Pegarido,PHR HR Manager (808) 536-1015, ext. 1121


The ABA/VB/AUT program provides a unique opportunity to work in a structured ABA/VB-based clinic.  We seek BCBAs who have the capabilities to continue the program based on proven, effective interventions, best practices, and ethical guidelines as well as the ability to adapt to the changing needs of each client. 

Basic Responsibilities:

- Provides direct services and clinical support for children and adolescents diagnosed with ASD and other related developmental disabilities
within a center-based clinic, school, home and/or community setting for clients ages 2-21.  
- Responsible for supervision of all behavior therapist level personnel, specifically with training and monitoring of the implementation of a behavior program.   
- Perform assessments and intakes, supporting the various activities, projects, and programs requiring knowledge in behavior analysis.
- Ability to train upcoming supervisors, direct care staff, and parents. 
- Ability to work with other service providers.
- Participates in monthly staff meeting and as needed with parents.


Master's degree or higher in a related field.
- BCBA certification, at least two (2) years.
- Five (5) years of experience in the field of Behavior Analysis and supervision of at least ten (10) behavior therapists/technicians/tutors.
- Two (2) years' experience supervising ABA/VB based client programs and staff.
- Five (5) years' experience working directly with children/adolescents diagnosed with ASD and other related developmental disabilities in an in-home and center-based ABA/VB based program.
- Extensive knowledge in development and implementation of ABA/VB programs for children with ASD and related disorders.
- Three (3) years' experience in supervising high quality verbal behavior programs and adopting them to individual programs.
- Extensive knowledge in ABA and the ability to teach others and meet their learning needs.