Hawaiʻi Island

Traveling Plate - a statewide culinary tour

Mahalo Hilo! Hilo came out in full force last night to support Easter Seals Hawaii and we couldn't be more grateful! Thank you Hilo supporters, staff, participants and chefs for an incredible first #travelingplatehilo event! #travelingplatehi #ESHohana #eastersealshi @eastersealshawaii_hilo @travelingplate_hawaiiisland @umuhawaii @moonandturtle @cafepestohilo @fshualalai @chrisdamskey @kalanigarciaa @piligroup @musubman @happysashimi

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Special Mahalo to:

Under My Umbrella

Modern Luxury Hawaii
Nani Mau Gardens Hawaii Island Goat Dairy
Sustainable Island Products

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