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2017 Brighter Futures Celebration Summary

Cincinnati, November 15, 2017

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On Wednesday, November 8, guests came from all over the Greater Cincinnati community to enjoy Easterseals’ Brighter Futures Celebration held at JACK Casino. This event honors the achievements of three people with bright futures, and one outstanding partner committed to employing individuals with disadvantages and disabilities.

President and CEO of Easterseals serving Greater Cincinnati Pam Green kicked off the evening by sharing, “Our goal is to help the citizens of southwest Ohio that need us, develop the work skill set to compete in the job market, become self-sufficient, support their families, to feel the pride of earning a paycheck, and to contribute back to the community."

Picture of Pam Green presenting at this years Brighter Futures Celebration

Shortly after, Dov Rosenberg, Board Chair of Easterseals shared, “Last year, Easterseals ensured that more than 500 Cincinnatians obtained employment. These individuals are set to collectively earn more than $9.5 million in wages in their first year of employment!"

Picture of Dov Rosenberg presenting at Brighter Futures Celebration 2017

After discussing the impact Easterseals has had in the community due to support from everyone, the Outstanding Community Partner Award was presented to Kaivac Cleaning Systems. They were recognized for more than ten years of partnership and for influencing change and providing opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages. They have provided employment opportunities for countless individuals in Easterseals’ training programs. The award was accepted by Kaivac founder, Bob Robinson Sr. Watch Kaivac’s video here!

Picture of Bob Robinson Sr. at Brighter Futures Celebration 2017

Kathy Kelly, recently retired President and Chief Operating Officer of Kroger Personal Finance and Easterseals Board Member, presented the Independence Award to Jasmine Jackson. Jasmine is a young woman who has refused to take “no” as a proper answer and has never given up. After dealing with the hardship of not getting into her dream college, she was able to find positive role models at Easterseals. She enrolled in Easterseals’ YouthBuild and took the skills she learned to start her own company. Watch Jasmine’s video here!

Picture of jasmine Jackson at Brighter Futures Celebration 2017

Gary Dent, President of Devine Group and Easterseals Board Member, presented the Spirit of Easterseals Award to Otis Hinesman. Otis has faced many personal struggles, including homelessness, and just when his life began to look up, he had a heart aneurysm. This put him in a nursing home and out of the construction business. He connected with Easterseals to gain new skills and now he has a full-time position at TriState Building Supply! Watch Otis’ video here!

Picture of Otis Hinesman at Brighter Futures Celebration 2017

Greg Hammond, Vice President & Manager, Production Planning of Hixson Architecture, Engineering, Interiors and Easterseals Board Member, presented the Upward Mobility Award to Nathan Johnson, a young man who has not let his disabilities define him. He persevered through many heart surgeries and was determined to achieve community employment. He trained at Easterseals’ Building Value and has been proudly working at Walmart for more than two years. Watch Nathan’s video here!

Picture of Nathan Johnson at Brighter Futures Celebration 2017

Thanks to incredible donations from people like you, Easterseals’ was able to raise over $120,000 for all of their vital programs.

Sponsors for Brighter Futures Celebration 2017

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