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New Look, Same Heart

Local New Brand Launch Celebrates Diversity, Inclusion, and Community

On November 9, 2016, Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati (formerly Easter Seals TriState) will officially launch its new brand as part of the multi-year, organization-wide rebrand of Easterseals.

The new brand strategy, backed by over two years of analysis and research, debuted over Easterseals’ digital channels with the introduction of a new name, logo design, color and tagline. The brand "refresh" has been described as a way "to change the way the world defines and views disability, not as a condition that labels people, rather a part of life that affects all of us,” said Randy Rutta, former CEO and President, Easterseals.

Pam Green, President & CEO of Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati, shared her own thoughts about the rebrand, saying, "We have a bold vision for Greater Cincinnati. We are breaking down barriers to employment for people with disabilities, people facing disadvantages, and veterans. We are building a more diverse and inclusive workforce and community. Turning this vision into reality demands that we work together."

With over 55 million Americans living with a disability, the rebrand responds to the evolution of disability in the 21st century—a cause going beyond the physical to include invisible, emotional, social and educational challenges. As Easterseals progressed—expanding in scale and scope to meet new and emerging needs in communities—public awareness became less distinct and visible. The new brand addresses these important shifts by bringing clarity to the crucial services Easterseals provides across the lifespan. 

Meet the revitalized Easterseals:

  1. Name: The reimagined, single name works to strip away the public’s misperception around “Easter” and “Seals” while paying tribute to the organization’s legacy.
  2. Logo: The new logo speaks to Easterseals’ actions and unified voice. Intentionally all lower case, each letter is crafted to be open, accessible, readable, distinct—a visible expression of a commitment to be personal, honest, determined and local. The new design around the name appears as rays of light, hope, sunshine, radiating out from the “e.” The deliberate grouping of circles in the new logo symbolize our breadth, our scope, our network, our communities, our individuals served, all coming together to take on disability.
  3. Tagline: Taking on disability together links Easterseals to its cause--disability--and establishes an active call-to-action for others to join. It represents a brief distillation of the organization’s refined purpose: To change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day.
  4. Color palette: Orange and yellow convey a personality that’s informal, warm and engaging, and exudes confidence and fearlessness—all traits others use to describe Easterseals. 

One thing Easterseals isn’t changing is who they support, or how they make a difference. Easterseals remains the vital resource for people living with disability, people facing disadvantages, veterans, caregivers and families.

“An invigorated and refreshed brand demonstrates relevance to Americans with and without disabilities and clarifies our impact in communities across the country,” said Rutta. “We have a bold vision for the future, a vision where we all have the opportunity to thrive and fully participate in our communities nationwide. It’s what we work toward every day across the organization, and will be a measure of our success.” 

By the 2019 centennial celebration, the system-wide transformation will be intact and the organization will be ready to take the next step toward a broad, multi-channel awareness campaign.

Join us as we take on disability together.

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