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Election 2016: Resources for People with Disabilities

A man in a wheelchair at an accessible voting booth

Whether you’re a person with a disability, a parent, a caregiver, a spouse, or a friend, disability touches us all.  Take time to learn about crucial disability related issues that were part of the discussion during the 2016 presidential election.

We’d also like to hear from you right now about what issues matter most. 

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Voting Resources for People with Disabilities


Resources for Voters with Disabilities (via the United States Election Assistance Commission)

REV UP (Register, Educate, Vote and Use your Power)

"Calling All Disability Activists – Engage Your State’s Candidates to Complete #PwDsVote Questionnaire!"(via The RespectAbility Report)

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Disability Election News

"Carpool Vote makes traveling to vote accessible to people with disabilities" (via Medium)

Check out Colleen Flanagan, Youth Services Coordinator at Easterseals Massachusetts, interviewed in this video by Vox. (via Vox)

"What Would You Ask the Candidates?" (via Open Debate Coalition)

"Campaign Events, Accessibility & Disabled People: Interview with Sarah Blahovec and Laura Halvorson"
(via Disability Visibility Project)

"A political profile of disabled Americans"
(via Pew Research Center)

"In Rare Move, Clinton Courts Disability Vote"
(via Disability Scoop)

"One In Six Eligible Voters Has A Disability"
(via FiveThirtyEight)

"San Diego man who lost ability to speak and walk seeks to have voting rights restored"
(via The Los Angeles Times)

"To the Politicians Who Forget Voters With Disabilities Are the Largest Minority"(via The Mighty)

"Donald Trump put disability in the spotlight, but not in the way these advocates hoped"
(via The Washington Post)

"Eligible voters with disabilities outnumber black, Latino voters, study finds"
(via USA Today)

"In Plain Sight: Voters with Disabilities and Election 2016" (via The Huffington Post)

"Voting is already hard for people with disabilities. Voter ID laws make it even harder." (via Vox)

"The disabled face significant obstacles to voting in America’s political system, Stanford expert finds" (via Stanford University)

"My brother loves politics. But he thought his disability meant he couldn’t vote." (via The Washington Post)

"#CripTheVote Spotlights Disability Issues That Need Recognition In The 2016 Election" (via The Frisky)

"#CripTheVote This Election Year" (via The Huffington Post)

2016 Presidential Candidate's View on Disability:

Hillary Clinton's stance on issues affecting Americans with disabilities

Read the Clinton campaign's response to the REV UP  Presidential Candidate Questionnaire  

Donald Trump's stance on issues affecting Americans with disabilities (Note: The Trump campaign website does not currently include a page with this information.)

Read the Trump campaign's response to the REV UP  Presidential Candidate Questionnaire  

Check out AAPD's synopsis of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's responses to the REV UP Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

Read the Stein campaign's response to the REV UP  Presidential Candidate Questionnaire 

Easterseals Election Related Stories

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Election Survey for YOU!

Take our 2016 election survey to let us know where you stand on issues important to people with disabilities, veterans, and older Americans. Take the survey

Know Your Voting Rights

ADA Voting Checklist

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