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Utah Pediatric Therapy Services

Salt Lake City, UT    Phone:  801-633-2091

Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain's family-centered therapy services provide in-home, play-based therapy and parent education for children with Autism Spectrum disorder.

The P.L.A.Y. Project

The PLAY Project® (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) offers families an affordable and effective program to help their toddler or preschooler (age 14 mos. to 8 years) with Autism Spectrum Disorder gain language and social skills and build meaningful relationships. Easter Seals has two trained therapists in Utah serving Utah County and the Salt Lake City area providing this family centered, play-based intervention program. 

Based on a child’s individual developmental needs, our consultants train parents and other family members to create intentional opportunities for their child to initiate communication through fun, play-based interactions.  These interactions capitalize on the child’s natural motivation. They're designed to help each child gain skills in communicating, re-lating, thinking and problem solving.  Learn more about PLAY's effectiveness in the just published results of a three-year national research study.

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