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Pre-employment Transition Services

9035 South 700 East, Sandy, UT   
(serving Salt Lake, Utah and Washington counties)

Pre-employment transition services are offered in Easter Seals-Goodwill’s Peer Connections® - Discovery program. They are a set of specific services designed to prepare individuals with disabilities, ages 14 to 21, for higher education, employment, and transition to their desired level of independence.

Peer Connections® - Discovery provides opportunities for youth and young adults to explore a variety of experiences that will guide future higher education, employment, and independent living decisions

Who Is Eligible?

In order to participate in the Peer Connections® Discovery program individuals must meet the following criteria:

What Will Students Learn?

Program Elements:

  • Vocational assessmentCommunity volunteer experience
  • Individual Life Skills coaching
  • Discovering Personal Genius™
  • Family Team meetings
  • Informational interviews with employers
  • Independent living skill development
For more information about Pre-employment Transition Services contact:
Crystal Emery
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