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Meet Christian


One of the effects of Christian's cerebral palsy was that his speech was very limited. Before turning to Easterseals, he was unable to produce clear words and had a hard time letting his family know what he needed and what he was thinking and feeling. His inability to communicate made life very difficult for Christian and his family, particularly in combination with the other concerns related to his disability.

Easterseals began providing weekly child development sessions to help Christian develop his communication skills and life skills. His therapist, Maria, visited his house each week to work with Christian and she also worked with his parents so they would be able to help him communicate more effectively during everyday activities. This kind of parent coaching is a proven way to help kids with developmental delays and disabilities make the most progress and helps parents feel supported.

Before long, Christian began to show real progress. He learned how to make choices, speak clearly and say the names of his family members, friends and teachers. He became a much better learner and a very social child. He also discovered a love of singing.

All these wonderful developmental gains will make it possible for Christian to be successful in preschool, a springboard for his ongoing educational success - socially, developmentally and emotionally.

Christian has experienced several hardships in his short life and had a number of setbacks related to his cerebral palsy, but his courage and hard work, coupled with a sweet and loving personality, has made him an inspiration to all who experience his happiness, love and joy every day.

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