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Stories of Hope

Meet Caleb

Picture of Caleb with a truck At 18 months, Caleb began receiving speech therapy from Easter Seals—his only word was “car.” Now Caleb knows more than 200 words & he keeps progressing every day. Check out Caleb’s story to learn how Easter Seals helps children & their families reach their fullest potential.
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Meet Christian

Christian One of the effect of Christian's cerebral palsy was that his speech was very limited. Before turning to Easter Seals, he was unable to produce clear words and had a hard time letting his family know what he needed and what he was thinking and feeling. Hi inability to communicate was really tough for Christian and his family, particularly on top of additional concerns related to his disability.
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Meet Connor

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Meet Joshua

Picture of Joshua Today, Joshua loves learning, reading, and sharing his books and art projects with other kids. But Joshua wasn’t always so dynamic. When he first enrolled in the Easter Seals Preschool Program for children with special needs, he was very withdrawn — and would cry that he wanted to go home. Learn more about Joshua and his transformation.
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Meet Mason

Mason When Mason was two years old, he used about 10 words. By that age, most toddlers use over 100 words, and string two or more words together to form basic sentences. As a result of his limited vocabulary, Mason had a hard time expressing himself which was very frustrating for him and his parents, who found it difficult to meet his expressed needs.
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Meet Sa'anvi

Picture of Sa'anvi As an infant, Sa’anvi had a lot of difficulty with food, and as a result, was not getting the nutrition she needed for healthy development. Sa’anvi often cried at meals, seemed fearful and even threw up when mom or dad could get her to eat. It’s not hard to imagine the stress felt by everyone in the family, as they faced this traumatic experience with their daughter three times a day.
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