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Adults with disabilities and special needs find highest-quality services designed to meet their individual needs when they come to Easter Seals El Mirador. Teams of therapists, teachers and other health professionals help each person overcome obstacles to independence and reach his or her personal goals. Easter Seals also includes families as active members of any therapy program, and offers the support families need.

Program Narrative

Easter Seals El Mirador (ESEM) provides Intermediate 24/7 care and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Currently Easter Seals manages 10 homes in Santa Fe and 6 homes in the Espanola/Alcalde New Mexico area that are licensed as Intermediate Care Facilities for People with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IID)

ESEM provides a full range of services that are designed to meet individual needs including community-based living, healthcare, employment training, recreational activities, nutritional support, transportation services, counseling and support therapies.

Easter Seals Meaningful Day Activities are designed around the individual’s need for independence. The program encourages maximum participation in the community life, achievement of personal goals, self-advocacy, preparation for employment and control of their environment. The individuals residing at ESEM’s ICF/IID access community activities that are recreational, educational, of service to community or are natural resources, like participation in local community centers. A major focus of individual needs is ESEM’s approach to the individual’s spiritual and cultural needs that enhance an appreciation of the rich cultural heritage embodied within our local communities. Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities at ESEM’s day programs choose their type and intensity of community involvement including entrepreneurship activities in the ESEM Greenhouse.

ESEM actively participates and supports interns from local colleges. Under the clinical supervision of our Independent Therapist, Interns work with individual clients in ESEM’s day habilitation programs to enhance the therapeutic activities that support individual needs.

Providing Services throughout New Mexico for People with Disabilities and Their Families




                   -Physical Well Being

                   -Social Skills

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