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Early Childhood Intervention Services

The first three years of life are critical in a child's development.The changes babies and toddlers go through are made up of different skills like babbling, crawling, feeding, talking and walking. These skills are also called developmental milestones and should be met by certain ages. Although each child is special and grows and learns at their own pace, some children need "extra help". Easter Seals East Texas ECI  program is parent-driven and focuses on enhancing the development of children ages birth to 36 months with developmental delays or disabilities. It is our goal to give families the tools they need to make a significant impact on the development of their children.

We provide families with certified or licensed professionals who come into the child's natural environment, as a part of the routine where the child learns, plays and lives, and use their skills to help in the progression of reaching the child's developmental milestones. At the same time, the therapists are modeling and teaching the parent/caregiver the skills needed to work by themselves with the child. We believe that parents/caregivers are the most important influences in a child's life and should be an active player in their child's development. 

Every child who qualifies for the program will be assigned a service coordinator who will coordinate all the individualized services for the child in addition to being the main point of contact for the family. Other services provided may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, developmental services, nutrition services, social work services, respite services, and assistive technology assistance. If there is a concern about vision or hearing, we will make referrals to the appropriate location to see that your child's needs are being met.

If you have concerns or questions about your child's development, please call 979-776-4788 and request a free developmental assessment.


Since 2004, ECI Programs have been required to charge a family cost share for some early intervention services. The cost to the family is based on each family's ability to pay as determined by the state. For more information on the Family Cost Share system, please see the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

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