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Executive Functioning

"Executive function" refers to a specific set of skills used to help organize behavior and regulate emotions. These skills allow us to prioritize, plan and persist with daily activities; manage time and monitor progress while completing a task, making adjustments as needed; and resist impulses in order to work towards long-term goals.

This program teaches children strategies designed to enhance executive skills through the use of fun and motivating games, activities and real-life scenarios. Parents will meet weekly to learn new ways to structure the home environment, modify tasks that are difficult for the child, and coach their children towards greater independence. Parent participation is mandatory and integral to achieving successful outcomes.

Who Can Benefit?

Does your child have difficulty organizing their environment to complete tasks? This program is designed for children 8-12 years old who have learning or attention challenges that impact their ability to complete daily living tasks. Diagnosis that would be appropriate include: ADD, ADHD, ASD, sensory processing disorder, developmental coordination disorder and learning challenges. Child’s cognitive skills must be close to age expectation and able to function with 3-5 other students in close proximity. Adult must be able to attend weekly parent training.

Why Begin Here?

  • Improve child's ability to remember and complete simple routines within a time limit
  • Improve child's ability to spend 20-30 minutes on homework assignments with less reliance on adult supervision
  • Improve child's ability to place and retrieve belongings in an organized fashion at home and school
  • Improve child's time management skills
  • Improve child's self- monitoring skills
  • Improve ability to problem solve and adjust easily for unplanned situations
  • Introduce strategies to improve task initiation, sustained attention, planning and prioritization, and organization
  • Introduce strategies to facilitate successful task completion

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy!   Contact our Intake Coordinator at 630.282.2026 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

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