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Easterseals Celebrates Older Americans Month

May 4, 2017

When Gabe Archangelo’s mother, Rita, fell at home, he knew it was time for her to move in with him, but he also knew it was important to keep her active. After considering all his options, he found that the adult day services at Easterseals were the absolute best fit for his family.

“I researched everywhere and no one compares to the services Easterseals provides,” Gabe says. “The staff is phenomenal. They do an excellent job of keeping my mom stimulated and motivated.”

Older Americans Month is an annual observance which offers an opportunity to learn about, support and recognize our nation’s older citizens, like Rita. For Easterseals, offering options for seniors to age gracefully in their community is a year-round mission. Easterseals adult day care services are just one of the ways the nonprofit helps adults who have experienced a disabling condition and/or seniors to remain living more independently at home and staying involved in their community. Participants in the adult day program are encouraged to choose from a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, exercise, community trips, computer access and more while at Easterseals.

“My mom’s favorite activity is going on field trips, especially when they visit Hodgson VoTech school to get her hair and nails done. It makes my heart pitter patter when she gets home and says ‘look at my nails’ and she is so proud,” Gabe says. “The field trips are so well managed and Easterseals has wonderful volunteers to help out.”

Seniors can also choose Easterseals In-Home Services which benefit the elderly, persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and persons with disabilities who need support to remain safely in their homes. Support services include assistance with meal preparation, personal care needs, companionship and more. Both adult day and In-Home services provide a break from caregiving for families or those who work and have other responsibilities. Caregivers have also found the Easterseals Resource & Technology Demonstration Center to be a critical resource in keeping loved ones safely at home. In the center, people can try out hundreds of pieces of assistive technology to help their loved ones remain more independent.

“Knowing my mom is safe, secure, well-nourished and engaged enables me to concentrate fully on my job and know she is being stimulated,” Gabe says. “If my mom were at home she would be sitting on the sofa, but the staff at Easterseals keeps her moving and eating healthy.”

Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore offers a range of services, including children’s therapies, assistive technology, recreational camping, day programs for adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, and respite services for caregivers. To learn more about how Easterseals helps children and adults with disabilities, call 1-800-677-3800 or visit www.de.easterseals.com.

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