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The Center for Neuro Assessment and Development

The Easterseals Center for Neuro Assessment and Development provides evaluations for children ages 3-22.  Approximately 10 hours are spent in assessment to build a detailed learning profile of your child’s unique processes for learning.

The goal is to determine how your child learns best and how to delineate his/her social/emotional strengths. Children who are referred typically have concerns in the following areas:

The Evaluation Process:

The evaluation process is individually designed based on the reason for referral and age of your child.  What is included for every child, no matter age or need is:

·         A parent intake/history interview between the parents and the Pediatric Clinical Psychologist prior to testing to define the concern for the evaluation

·         Contact with the child’s therapists and/or teachers

·         A comprehensive age-based evaluation*

·         A meeting with the parents and psychologist to go over results and determine strategies and accommodations

·         An adolescent feedback session (dependent upon the child’s age) in which the child is provided information from the evaluation

The Comprehensive Evaluation Includes:

Testing batteries are individualized to address specific presenting problems. However, a neurodevelopmental evaluation will always include information pertaining to a child’s:

·         Cognitive ability

·         Language skills

·         Attention

·         Memory

·         Visual–motor, Visual spatial, and graphomotor integration

·         Executive functioning (organization, planning, problem solving)

·         Academic achievement in reading, mathematics, and written expression

·         Social/emotional behavioral functioning

**School feedback can be provided in a meeting with the clinical psychologist and school staff to determine appropriate instruction and academic accommodations.  This component is at an additional cost and not covered by insurance.

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