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Whether we are talking, focusing, reading, problem solving or any other cognitive, behavioral or emotional function, our brains are continually changing frequencies throughout the day.  BrainPaint helps the brain function more effectively and more efficiently through guided brain function training.  This is accomplished through the use of real-time displays of EEG which exhibit brain activity and teaches self-regulation; and the use of video and sound in order to provide positive and negative feedback for brain activity.

How does BrainPaint work?

Using the BrainPaint software, neurofeedback gives audio and visual feedback that involves increasing or decreasing certain brain wave frequencies.  This allows the brain to function with greater stability and control and enhances its function through its regulation of thoughts, feelings, and focus.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses sensors placed on the scalp to measure brain waves.  It is it completely holistic, non-invasive and painless.  Electrodes are applied to specific areas of the scalp with conductive paste or damp sponges in order to monitor brainwave activity.  The sensors transmit brain wave signals to the computer software which records and measures the frequencies during the protocol.  the sensors are not inputting anything, nor removing anything, from the brain. 

Who can benefit from BrainPaint?

Research has shown BrainPaint to be effective in the following applications, as well as many others:

How many sessions are required?

Most people notice improvements within the first 5 - 8 sessions, but for lasting and often permanent results, 20 - 30 sessions are usually recommended.  A treatment protocol is developed first through an evaluation of 90 questions.  A typical session lasts about 30-45 minutes and is alway coupled with individual therapy prior to and at the completion of each session.  If your insurance covers individual counseling therapy, it should cover this strategy as well.  

Neurofeedback has helped people with serious, and sometimes debilitating neurological problems when no other therapies seemed to work.

How do I make a referral or learn more?

BrainPaint is available for children and their families.  For more information, or to make a referral, contact Jennifer Simpson (Peoria) at 309.686.1177 or at jsimpson@ci.easterseals.com, or Cindy Frazier (Bloomington) at 309-663-8275 or cfrazier@ci.easterseals.com.


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