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Children's Services

Comprehensive Pediatric Therapy

Kids. Therapy. Progress.  These three words define our passion.  At Easter Seals we know that early identification of developmental delays in children, and therapeutic intervention to support development, make a big difference!  Our dedicated team of physicians, therapists and staff help children and families reach new milestones each and every day.  We provide a wide variety of services, supports and community education designed to promote progress.  Therapy at Easterseals is provided by credentialed and licensed therapists who specialize in pediatric services.  Therapists are credentialed and enrolled as providers for Early Intervention and major insurance companies.

Therapeutic Services

Rise & Shine Yoga - Peoria - Pediatric yoga group for all children (developmental age 4-10 years old) that promotes and supports motor planning, strength, and flexibilty.

Heart to Hands Infant Massage - Peoria - Infant massage is an evidence-based, simple practice of puposeful touch bringing immediate and lasting results, creating intimacy between parent and baby.

Birth to 5 Developmental Screening - Peoria, Bloomington - Offers a brief snapshot of overall development to identify potential delays.

Toddler Talk - Peoria - An integrated language group, for children ages 18 to 32 months, that focuses on the importance of parent-child interactions for early learning and development.

Developmental Therapy - Peoria, Bloomington - Evaluations and ongoing therapy for children ages birth to three who are referred by Early Intervention.

Early Intervention Services - Peoria, Bloomington - Easter Seals is the largest single provider of Early Intervention services in downstate Illinois.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Services - Peoria, Bloomington - The Autism Program provides high-quality, comprehensive services for children and their families.

Physical Therapy - Peoria, Bloomington - Ongoing therapy to enhance and restore function and mobility to individuals with neurological, developmental or orthopedic disabilities, and encourage independence at home, school, work, and in the community.

Occupational Therapy - Peoria, Bloomington - Ongoing therapy to assist in the improvement of fine motor, self-help, sensory processing, visual-motor, motor planning, play and independent living skills.

Speech Therapy - Peoria, Bloomington - Ongoing therapy to enhance receptive and expressive communication, and oral-motor skills. 

Feeding Therapy - Peoria, Bloomington- Therapy focusing on children who demonstrate some sort of feeding difficulty.

Aquatic Therapy - Peoria, Bloomington - A variety of swim classes to allow individuals to move more easily, and is therapeutic for certain medical conditions.

Individual & Family Counseling - Peoria, Bloomington - Counseling services for children and families with disabilities or special needs.

BrainPaint - Peoria, Bloomington - Evidence-based neurofeedback system to help the brain function more efficiently.

Ray & Kathy LaHood Center for Cerebral Palsy - Peoria - Provides a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for children with cerebral palsy and their families.

Treatment Philosophy

All treatment and intervention services are based on focused, functional outcomes, or clear statements about skills and activities that reflect the changes that you and your child want to see as a result of therapy.  Functional outcomes are designed to maximize your child's practical skills such as movement, eating, communicating, getting dressed, interacting with others, or joining in family and community activites.  Functional outcomes provide a clear focus and direction for all our interventions. 


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