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Therapeutic Fitness Center

The Therapeutic Fitness Center was created at our Peoria Center to help people with disabilities:

Our equipment can be adapted to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and abilities - this is not your average gym equipment!

The gym was designed to serve people ages eight and up with various disabilities including, but not limited to:  Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome, and Cognitive Impairment.

Minimal requirements to participate include:

We are not able to safely accommodate people who have self-injurious behaviors, aggression towards others, uncontrolled seizures, or cardiace instability.

What does it cost?

Cost for use of the Therapeutic Fitness Center is $50 a month.  Our Patient Accounts staff will assist you in working with your insurance company and other funding sources to help cover the service fees.  For more information on the Therapeutic Fitness Center call 309.686.1177.

Client testimonials

"Zach really enjoys coming to the fitness and I like seeing his smiles.  Although I do the work with Zach, I am pleased with the assistance we get from support staff." - Grandmother

"I like coming to fitness because it helps me stay strong.  I really like riding the stationary bike and shooting baskets when I am finished." - Age 28

"I like coming to fitness because it makes me feel stronger and helps improve the skills I need for PE class." - Age 11

"I like coming to fitness because it helps me walk better and to be able to live a normal life." - Age 29

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