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Behavior Services for Autism (ABA)

What are Behavior Services for Autism at Easter Seals?
The aim of behavior services is to reduce difficult or unpleasant behavior and/or teach complicated skills, depending on the needs of the child.  Behavioral services begin with a behavioral assessment.  The behavioral assessment, which includes direct observation and family/caregiver interviews, will help determine the possible reasons for a child's disruptive behavior and/or level of current skill development.  Individualized treatment strategies will be recommended based on the results of the behavioral assessment.  Strategies may include recommendations of strategies and/or individualized discrete trial programming for skill acquisition.  Family members and caregivers will be trained.

Who provides behavior services?
A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) completes the initial assessment and oversees implementation of ongoing services by trained behavior technicians.

Specific behavior issues may include:

Discrete Trial programming may include:

Want to know more about Behavior Services for Autism?
Contact 309.686.1177 in Peoria or 309.663.8275 in Bloomington



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