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Comments for each program surveyed listed below:

Adult Program - Chicago & Tinley Park

  • I like the way they help me and care for the personal problems I sometimes have!
  • Thank you for services for adults with autism
  • I would hope that the clients show a little more restraint when they are in the classroom or out in public. Parents need to teach them to respect other people and try and diffuse situations by finding them something to do and be rewarded for behaving.

Child and Family Connections #8

  • Marcella is wonderful & very helpful!  So are all the therapists I have worked with.
  • I am very grateful for Easterseals and the services my son receives through them.

Easterseals Academy - Chicago

  • Keep up the good work.
  • We are grateful to have this school option since our daughter's needs were not met at neighborhood schools.
  • My son has been a student at Easterseals Academy since 2008. Since arriving at Easterseals his development socially, emotionally, physically and academically have all skyrocketed. He loves to go to school. The staff members have an unparalleled level of respect and patience and have been such a blessing to our family. I'm so glad we made the right choice of school those many years ago.

Family Support

  • We participate in the Respite Program. I also went to a retreat this year for moms. I also can ask questions when I need to. We used to be part of Early Intervention. Child diagnosed with Trisomy 21 and ASD. The help has been FANTASTIC!!!! The Respite Program helps provide a great sense of normalcy for us. We really feel helped and blessed by Easterseals.
  • The services are amazing! We feel important. We love Cindy.
  • I attended for the retreat weekend for Moms and that was one of the best times ever. I love that event. It is fun, so relaxing for all Moms and also educational. Thank you.
  • Early Intervention services have been amazing for my family. Thank you so much!!

Gilchrist-Marchman Child Development Center

  • I love you! Thank you! :)
  • We all love Nubia - she is amazing every morning! Mrs. Debra is very attentive with the kids.
  • We've been so happy with everything here! Feel lucky to have found you! Thank you!
  • All of the teachers are great; Debra, Sandra, Sara, Carmen, Lus & Lupita. The staff is wonderful too, especially Nubia.

Head Start/Early Head Start Services

  • Like the service I received.
  • I think Head Start should give some activities to kids everyday to take home.
  • Thank you guys for giving my son a good education.
  • Nice program.
  • I love the Grandma Jones Program.
  • Thank you for your services.
  • Thanks for all the help!
  • I liked how the teachers were working with children, they are very nice (this statement has been translated in English).
  • Feryal is great
  • Everything is great!
  • They referred me to food pantries, Christmas programs, and services. Everything is great. They are so helpful and whenever I need them they help.
  • Very grateful for all the hard work that they do with teaching so many kids at once, and happy that my son learned how to spell his name.
  • Keep up the good work :)
  • Thank you!
  • This program has brought so much happiness and joy to my daughter & family!
  • Love this program!!!
  • This is a great foundation for Makayla, it has given her a chance to grow.

Easterseals Academy - Rockford

  • I'm looking forward to seeing your new facility with some of your new staff very soon.
  • Better communication.
  • Very pleased with the quality of teachers, specialists and paras that work with my daughter.

Teen Family Support

  • I love Kathy! Such a great person & friend!
  • Kathy is the BEST!
  • My daughter loves Kathy, every time she comes she runs to her. I love making new things with my daughter. All the activities we do are interesting.
  • I loved every visit! I felt really welcomed.
  • The program is great. I love all the staff.
  • The program is great. I love Brittany and Joyce.
  • Yes. I would recommend someone because it is a lovely program.
  • Jackie is the BEST Family Support Worker there is and I'm very glad that she helps me learn and teaches me everything I know to be a great mom. Jackie is awesome!!!
  • Jackie is amazing. Always on time, caring and very helpful.
  • I am very happy with my services provided through Easterseals. I wouldn't change a thing.
  • Easterseals has really helped our family in time of need. We appreciate the impact this program has had.
  • Desarae is very understanding. Gives awesome advice. We love when she comes to visit. Very neat program, has helped a lot.

Easterseals Academy - Tinley Park

  • We are very pleased with Easterseals Academy.
  • Keep up the great job. My son is happy being there.
  • We are still new to Easterseals. So far I have been happy.
  • Keep up the great work. I cannot begin to express how grateful we are for Easterseals.
  • I am pleased with the services my child receives.
  • We love Easterseals and the staff. Our son wouldn't be where he is today without the help of everyone at Easterseals through the years.
  • Keep up the excellent services. Thanks.
  • My son loves this school! He is becoming a stable adult with their help.
  • I am extremely satisfied with the services that Easterseals offers to us. Thank you, I appreciate it.
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