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Child & Family Connections #8
I am happy with the services my son received. Thanks for everything.
Excellent service coordinator and is always really helpful.
From the initial call until now I am impressed to how quickly everything started.   Even my services.  I definitely see an improvement in my son and will be recommending the program to others.
I love the EI team that Candy put together for my family. Very progressive.
Child & Family Connections #12
Personally, I am very satisfied with the services.
My coordinator, Jessica, was professional, knowledgeable and a true pleasure to work with. She was always helpful and delightful.
We love our therapist Vicki. Our son has made huge improvements already!
Our son made a huge improvement since he started the program and we are very happy with his results now and very thankful for everyone's help.  Thank you!
I am happy with my Easterseals services!
All 3 therapists and case managers were amazing!
Very impressed and pleased with the program. Everyone I've dealt with has been extremely helpful and friendly. My son has shown vast improvement and he really enjoys his speech sessions.
We loved our speech therapist so that probably made a difference. We had a wonderful experience.
Family Support Services
Family Support has been such a wonderful support to our whole family over the years! We're so appreciative for the trainings, family, sibling events. My very favorite is the Mom's retreats! I always learn so much and use and share what I've learned to be a better mom, advocate and person. Thank you so very much for all you offer! It's greatly appreciated!
The Reatreat for Moms in Rockford is very beneficial. It helps me re-energize, learn new info, network with other moms, all of which greatly benefits my family.
We receive respite monthly, as well as offerings to help us with regard to our son's dual down syndrome/autism diagnosis. We love the help we get!  
For the past few years, our family has been tremendously blessed by the ability to attend the Special Needs Moms Retreats. They have provided much needed respite, connecting with and learning from others who can relate to our situation as a parent of a special needs child and the opportunity to "recharge my batteries".  It would be devastating to see this special opportunity discontinued.  Thank you for this program!!!
Gilchrist Marchman Child Development Center
Everyone is kind and respectful.
Keep up the great work.
I'm pleased with the services I get from Easterseals.
Everyone is very nice.
All the teachers we love so much.  Keep up the good job.
Family Support Staff is awesome!
Easterseals has been great!
Head Start/Early Head Start
My son feels good and accepted in the program.
Keep up the great work. Awesome staff.
Very understanding, communication is great!
I love this program! Everything is great.
The staff work hard for the program.
The child care center my child belongs to feels like a warm home.
Great program. I wish this was available about 12 years ago for my oldest. Very happy!
The program is helping a lot to my kids development. 
Love everything you guys are doing.
Our center's director and staff have been great on communication and making sure they are on top of things. I enjoy when they are at the center.
I would strongly recommend Easterseals to a friend or family.  I have seen progress inmy child's phonics and speech in such a short period of time.  Great job!
Great program for families in need of additional services.  I am very thankful.
I really like this program. I've seen a huge improvement with my child.
Love how they work one on one with each child.
Very helpful in giving resourceful information my family needs.  They ensure I am striving toward the goals we set for our family.  Such a pleasure to work with.
I love this program. Great Services.
Overall we are highly satisfied with our Easterseals services!  Our children have greatly benefitted.
Partnering with Parents
Ashley is great!
I truly appreciate the staff. They are very knowledgeable and resourcesful.  I would recommend this program to anyone.
I am really grateful for Easterseals.  They helped me bond with my child while grieving.
So grateful for this resource. SUPER helpful!
We are so happy to be part of the program.
The play group and wonder works was great!!
We love Easterseals! I've told several friends about it. I value the activities and info we learn.
Comments Teen Family Support
Jackie has been phenomenal and I look forward to working with Dearae!
I love the program and Deserea. She helps and provides information about anything. She's an amazing person. I'm very happy to be in the program with her.
Desarae is a great employee that always helps me whenever I'm in need. She is very informative about Easterseals and other community programs.
Des is amazing!
I love this program - amazing ladies!
It's a joy, memories are made LOVE it!!!

Easterseals Academy — Chicago Campus
Thank you for helping my son.
Easterseals is the best thing that ever happened to my son. I'm glad he is going there because he has grown so much. I'm happy with Easterseals.
I love this school and the impact the staff have on my son. Thanks for everything
I love the staff, programs & information given out. The moms retreat and the siblings events are exceptional.
Easterseals Academy — Machesney Park
I am very pleased and honored to work with Easterseals and especially praise Katie and Dan!
My son has thrived while in your care - ideas on how to use your methods to help at home (correct hold if needed - de-escalating techniques.)
Easterseals Academy — Tinley Park
My daughter has been with Easterseals since 2nd grade and is happy with learning there.
I know when Tommy leaves this house in the morning that he is in helpful/loving hands all day!!
We are new to Easterseals but so far very pleased.
Ms. Mary and staff are fantastic and love them as family! Great job!!
This organization is amazing for my daughter. I wouldn't want her anywhere else!
Easterseals is a great school. Someone recommended it to me and my son is doing much better than when he started. I would recommend this school to anyone who needed this kind of care.
Easterseals is the best school for autistic children.
I love how all the teachers are with my child. They so caring.
The Autism Program
Thank you for supporting our family.
Lori and Kim are wonderful.
I am grateful the program was funded.
Lori is wonderful.  She has helped our family a lot this year.
Great organization!
Kimberly and Lori have been lifesavers to me and my family! They meet with me every other week to chat, support me, and offer expert ideas on how to manage our son's new diagnosis. I have contacted MANY service providers in town, but TAP at Easter Seals in Rockford has out-shined them all! Thank you!
Special thanks too Lori and Kim for all their support and love with our child!!
I can't say enough good things about the Easterseals program in Rockford. Lori and Kimberly have been immensely helpful to us as we've learned this new diagnosis of autism. I don't know what we do without this group.
I am grateful for the staff and help that I have received through this program.   
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