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Staff Spotlight

Heather Andrew Cropped

Heather Pint has served as the model employee demonstrating hard work and dedication at Easterseals Central California (ESCC); worthy of great admiration. She began her journey with Easterseals 16 years ago, during her sophomore year at UC Santa Cruz. During her lengthy service with ESCC, she progressively advanced through several positions each with greater responsibility.Once earning her master’s degree and becoming a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), she ultimately represented ESCC as a behavior consultant and the Director of Autism and Behavior Intervention Services.

While she enhanced the ESCC team and profoundly impacted its clients with her expert knowledge and skills, she’ll be most remembered by her passion to serve children and families living with the challenges of various disabilities.

Easterseals, its board members, staff and clients are so proud of and excited for Heather to embark on the next step of her career path as an employee at a local school district in the community she calls home – Santa Cruz. She is leaving ESCC with some amazing experiences of clients that are forever embedded in her heart.

One of the highlights of her career at Easterseals is seeing one of her first clients graduate from high school. She started working with Andrew when he was first diagnosed at age three, and this past week, she saw him receive his high school certificate of completion and shared “it’s been an incredible journey to be a part of this young man’s life for the last 13 years – Easterseals made that possible”.

“I will forever cherish my 16 year journey at Easterseals. I consider Easterseals a part of my professional family and I am grateful for those I’ve worked with over the course of my career. While my path parts way, I will continue to spread the mission of Easterseals and look forward to staying connected.”

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