Stories of Hope - Jaxson and his mom

Stories of Hope

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Children, Teens & Young Adults

Antonio & Tavion"It is so important to have places like Capper, to not only provide the care you need, but to help be a voice and advocate for you." Natasha, Antonio & Tavion's mom...Read more

The Duffey Family“Tara has made leaps and bounds, since first coming here. Capper is a blessing to our family! To see the pride and joy in her face when she is talking is priceless! ” - Shelley, Tara's mom...Read more

Ethan & Treven

 "Our age difference will never matter. We will always be there for each other, pushing each other. That bond will always be there." - Treven...Read more

Caitlin playing with legos


"Thank you for helping me!" - Caitlin...Read more


“When Elizabeth was born we didn’t see her as different, she was just our little girl and we will always see her that way.” - Elizabeth's parents...Read more


“He wouldn’t be in Kindergarten if it wasn’t for Linda and for all the things that Capper has done to help us."
- Caden's parents...Read more


Ron sanding in the wood shop

“I love working, earning my own money and being independent!" - Ron...Read more


“ESCF has given me a job…a truly important job where I like to keep busy and earn a paycheck." - Diane...Read more

Hank & Donnie


“They have a bond that is undeniable and they love each other very much. They are almost always together and when they are apart for an extended period of time, it’s difficult for both of them.” - Amy Acridge, Targeted Case Manager...Read more

Kent & Wayne

“We were blessed that they could stay together and give thanks to Kathy Stiffler and Denita Hooks for making that happen as they were originally going to be placed separately.” - Kent's sister...Read more



“He has a great natural support system with his dad and step-mom.” - Amy Acridge, Targeted Case Manager...Read more

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