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Planned Giving

Years From Now…no one will remember what house you lived in, what car you drove, maybe not even what you did for a living...What they will remember is the legacy you left for generations to come.


What will be your legacy?

Many of us wonder if our lives were to end today, what difference did we make to others?  What legacy did we leave?  The fact is, by including the organizations and causes you care about in your estate plans, the impact of your life can be felt and remembered for generations. Many people believe they lack sufficient assets to include a charitable gift in their will.  The joy of philanthropy is available to anyone whether their assets are large or small.  Today people of all ages and financial means are discovering that they too can leave a legacy.

What does it mean to leave a legacy?

In simple terms, it means leaving a gift from your estate to a charitable organization such as Easter Seals Capper Foundation.  You may have heard this described as planned or deferred giving.  Generally, such gifts go into effect upon the donor’s death, but can also provide a lifetime income stream to the donor.  Planned gifts come in all sizes.  A bequest in your will, whether it’s large or small is always appreciated by the individuals and their loving families served at Easter Seals Capper Foundation.

Must I have an estate in order to leave a gift?

Most people leave an estate when they die.  An estate is any property, money, or personal belongings you own at the time of your death.  Anyone can leave a charitable gift from his or her estate.

Why are planned gifts becoming so popular?

With changing patterns of wealth and tax laws, philanthropic interests and tax savings are often linked.  Planned giving is the process by which philanthropic desire is guided and shaped by financial and estate planning considerations.  Today’s older adults are deciding who will inherit their assets and charities are struggling with the loss of public dollars.  Many people see planned giving as a way to give back to their community by setting aside a portion of their estate for a charitable organization, such as Easterseals Capper Foundation.

To leave a gift, must I have a will?

Surprisingly, less than 25% of all people have a will or trust. To be certain that Easterseals Capper Foundation will receive your gift, you should state your intention in your will or trust.  Without a will, you lose control over your belongings after death and your property and finances are settled according to state laws, regardless of family wishes.

How do I leave a gift for Easter Seals Capper Foundation?

The most common way is through your will or trust.  Many people set aside a specific dollar amount.  Others leave a percentage of their estate or any assets left over after family needs are met.  Some leave their car, home, paid-up life insurance policy or other financial investments.

Do I have to completely revise my will to leave a bequest?

No, Simply ask your attorney to add a provision that specifies whether you want to:

     1. Designate your bequest where Easterseals Capper Foundation’s need is greatest;
     2. Designate your bequest for a specific program;
     3. Leave a specific amount or percentage of your estate to Easterseals Capper Foundation.

How can I become a Heritage Society member?

When we learn that someone has set up a planned gift of $1,000 or more to Easterseals Capper Foundation, we recognize that individual, couple, or family as a member of the Capper Heritage Society.  The donor’s name is entered into the Easter Seals Capper Foundation “Book of Legacies”.

Heritage Society membership helps us promote and preserve the legacy of Senator Arthur Capper by assisting children, teens, and adults with disabilities.  It also motivates others to give in a similar manner and encourages ongoing support for Easter Seals Capper Foundation.

The support from Heritage Society gifts provides significant funding to sustain the mission of Easterseals Capper Foundation, now and into the future.

Your commitment will ensure the legacy Senator Arthur Capper began on Christmas Day 1920.

Contact your professional advisor for help.

Your advisor can make sure you are getting the maximum tax and legal advantages allowed for your gift.  If you do not have an advisor, you can contact us at (785) 272-4060 for a list of local estate planned professionals.

Stories of Planned Giving

The Cottril's

 “It is our joy to carry forward the blessings our family received. We want to help ensure that Easter Seals Capper Foundation continues its mission to provide people with disabilities opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities. We encourage others to open their hearts, as well, and make a deferred gift to Easter Seals Capper Foundation.” - The Cottril's...Find out why!


The Rothrock's

For our dear friends, Steve, Cindy and Ally Rothrock, new members of the Heritage Society, leaving a gift to Easter Seals Capper Foundation just seemed so natural...Learn why!

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