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Social and Emotional Understanding of Autism

Social and emotional skills are one of the areas of developmental concern for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  It is an area that impacts their everyday life.  Having and using social skills daily is taken for granted by many people.  Social and emotion understanding allows us to gain information which gives us the capability to interpret how another person is feeling or may be thinking.  Children with ASD are unable to understand others due to gathering and processing this information.

Characteristics of Concern

First a child has to understand that another person may have a different mental state or idea than their own.  Typical development of this is around age 4 years. 

If the child does not use the visual input of looking at another persons face or social interaction to help with interpreting the emotion of the experience then an unexpected or inappropriate response may be expressed by the child.  To improve emotional understanding and increase skills for positive socialization we can teach and practice social strategies.

Social Skill Strategies

These strategies will promote and develop social skills to assist children with interactions with peers, family and community.

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