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Challenging Behaviors

What is a Challenging Behavior?
Any repeated pattern of behavior or PERCEPTION of behavior that interferes with learning or social interactions with others.

Behaviors serve different functions.

A function of a behavior is to get something.

• To get an object like a toy or candy or object they desire.

• To get someone’s attention, it could be an adult or a child’s attention.

Another function of behavior is to avoid something.

• This may be to avoid an activity such as shopping or a school assembly with large numbers of people.

• A behavior may be to avoid a person for example, a bully or someone who has a loud voice.

• The behavior may be to avoid an area for example, outside on a hot day.

Responding to sensory input is a function of behavior.

• We see behaviors in response to over-stimulation.

• Behaviors arise due to pain.

• Medications may cause some types of behaviors.

• Stress will increase behaviors.

• The inability to calm will increase behaviors.

After we are aware of the function of the behavior, we need to provide positive behavior supports and TEACH a child a more appropriate response.

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