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Autism Classroom

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Easterseals Arkansas' Little Rock developmental preschool has a classroom to help children with autism and prepare them for kindergarten. If your child has autism, he or she can attend this special classroom to learn good social skills, develop compliant behavior, manage obsession and enhance language proficiency. The special education teacher along with our speech therapist work together to provide an effective program for a child with autism. The STEP program which stands for Structured Teaching Using Evidenced-Based Practices is an innovative curriculum to help children with special needs like autism.

Tyler as a baby
Meet Tyler

Early on, Tyler suffered from seizures, and his parents noticed he didn’t play with toys or other babies. His concerned parents, Steve and Teresa, had Tyler evaluated. At 2 years old Tyler was diagnosed with autism, a group of complex disorders affecting the brain and characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors.

Referred by his pediatrician, Tyler’s parents enrolled him into Easterseals’ developmental preschool which has a special classroom designed to help children with autism. In the classroom, the special education teacher and a speech therapist taught Tyler, who was nonverbal at the time, to communicate using the Pictures Exchange Communication System (PECS), a book with cards of words and pictures. Pretty soon, Tyler outgrew his book and upgraded to a device like an ipad to communicate. Gradually, Tyler began to verbally tell his parents that he loved them and played with other children.

Tyler Dannaway

In 2015, Tyler graduated from Easterseals developmental preschool. Tyler’s parents are proud to report that he did great in kindergarten. Tyler has made friends in his class and Principal's Honor Roll twice this year. He has also received an award for tolerance in the hall of fame at school. “We are so impressed by Tyler because he has to work harder to do things, and we thank Easterseals for helping Tyler become a happier, more expressive son,” say Steve and Teresa. 

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