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On-the-Go Lucy

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Little Lucy is a determined three and a half year old girl.  She was diagnosed with Polymicrogyria, a condition that prevents typical brain development causing neurological problems.  However, Lucy and her family of Charlotte, remain as active as possible.

Lucy, who attends the Charlotte Easter Seals UCP Children’s Center, is unable to walk on her own.  Recently, she had her first experience using a power wheelchair donated to the center.  While working with the little girl, a physical therapist put Lucy in the wheelchair to see if she could move around in it.  She did!  Lucy loved the chair and quickly figured out how to control it. 

In less than an hour,  Lucy was able to drive the chair forward and stop when asked by the therapist.  She also practiced turning the chair to the right and left during the session. Staff and family were thrilled with Lucy’s skills. 

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The gift of the donated wheelchair has made a big difference in Lucy's life and other children at the center.  It's become a gift of mobility.  Fortunately, Lucy has the opportunity to improve her driving skills at Easter Seals UCP Charlotte.  Go Lucy! 

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