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Community Based Services for Children

Easter Seals UCP provides more intensive home and community based services to children and their families who have serious emotional conditions and /or substance abuse conditions.

Intensive Home-Based Services, IIH (in home therapy and care coordination)
Intensive In Home is a 3 to 6 month partnership between our professional three person mental health team and families to first understand then address troublesome behaviors or psychiatric and emotional problems.  In addition to weekly, child, parent, and family based counseling, IIH teams are on call 24 hours each day to provide assistance in a crisis.  See Locations

Multi-Systemic Therapy, MST
Multisystemic Therapy is an intensive evidence-based mental health treatment program for adolescents.  This service centers on individuals who may be part of the juvenile justice system or at risk of out-of-home placement due to troublesome behaviors.  Learn more about MST.  Treatment typically focuses on parents, guardians, other friends and family, and other community partners. The expected outcome for adolescents is a reduction in detrimental behaviors in the home, school, and community. See Locations

Mobile Crisis Management (MCM)
Mobile Crisis Management provides integrated, short-term crisis response, stabilization and intervention for adults and children experiencing mental health or chemical dependency crisis. The Team can come to you where you are.  Learn more

Child Parent Partners
Child-Parent Partners uses an evidence-based, trauma-focused therapy called Child- Parent Psychotherapy serving children ages birth to six. The focus of treatment is working with the child and caregiver together. The goal of this service is to establish a sense of safety for children with their parents or caregivers through  supporting and strengthening the child and caregiver relationship, preventing child mistreatment, repairing any damage from a previous trauma, and preventing the development of mental health challenges commonly seen as a result of maltreatment or trauma. See Locations

Child Respite Services
Respite services are designed to provide support and relief to primary caregivers who care for children ages 3 to 21 with mental health, and substance abuse diagnoses and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities. Respite is provided in the community or in the home depending on the needs to the child and family. See Locations

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