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What's Happening in Washington

Easter Seals Applauds Supreme Court of the United States
Decision to uphold Affordable Care Act subsidies means people with disabilities will not lose healthcare

Easter Seals strongly supports the decision of the United States Supreme Court in the King vs Burwell case. The Supreme Court’s decision in this case means that individuals and families in all 50 states, whose incomes are below 400 percent of the federal poverty line, will continue to be eligible for financial aid to help cover the cost of health insurance premiums.

"The goal of the health care reform law is to assure that all people have access to quality, affordable health care. Access to the health care system is integral to the goal of enabling all Americans, including people with disabilities and chronic conditions to be healthy, functional, live as independently as possible and participate in their communities," said  Randall L. Rutta, the president and CEO of Easter Seals. "We do not want to return to the days when people had to decide whether to pay for their health insurance or pay their rent," remarked Rutta.

Read the full press release.

Tell Congress to support the Older Americans Act

The population of older adults needing Older Americans Act services is growing faster than at any time in the country’s history as 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day. By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be 65 or older. However, just when the need is highest, funding for these critical services is in jeopardy.

Now in its 50th year, the Older Americans Act (OAA) provides services to help millions of seniors every year with health, independence and dignity in their homes and communities. 

Congress must ensure that programs older Americans depend on to stay healthy and independent are there for the next 50 years. Please join us in asking Congress to support the OAA.

Ensure Veterans with Disabilities Get the Support They Need at Home

Easter Seals supports new legislation (H.R. 1843) that would help ensure the men and women who were injured while serving our nation in the U.S. military have full access to the benefits they have earned and the local supports and services they may need to successfully reintegrate into their communities.

Your voice needs to be heard in the U.S. House of Representative to help grow support of H.R. 1843 to help connect veterans with disabilities to local supportive services. You can also use this opportunity to thank co-sponsors of the bill.

People with Disabilities Need Accessible Transportation

Congress is debating legislation that will help create new options of public transportation for people with disabilities. While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public transportation like public buses to be accessible, there are still many types of transportation that are not. For example, many subway stations that were constructed before the ADA are still only accessible by stairs, leaving them unusable by people who use wheelchairs.

Senate HELP Committee approves bi-partisan Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization

On Thursday, April 16, 2015, the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee voted unaminously 22-to-0 to approve the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization negotiated by Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and ranking member Patty Murray (D-Washington). The measure will now move to the full Senate floor.

Current Legislative Alerts: Take Action!

Each day, decisions are being made in Washington, D.C., that will affect people with disabilities and Easter Seals' ability to provide services to them, as well as to meet Easter Seals' mission today and for years to come. The unmet needs of people with disabilities will continue to go unaddressed if Easter Seals is not engaged in educating public policy makers about people with disabilities' disproportionate reliance on government for health, education, employment, transportation and other needed services. Sign up to receive Easter Seals advocacy alerts.

Legislative Landmarks

Easter Seals has been active in public policy advocacy since our founder, Edgar Allen, lobbied the Ohio Legislature to fund appropriate services for children with disabilities in the 1920s. We continue to actively support and promote federal legislation that helps people with disabilities achieve independence.

Public Policy Priorities for the 114th Congress

People with disabilities and Easter Seals have a significant stake in government programs. For many children and adults with disabilities, their ability to get an education, earn a living and live independently in the community is dictated by the availability of services and supports, many of which come only from the federal government.

Funding History of Federal Disability Programs, June 2015 (PDF*)

This chart, developed by Easter Seals Office of Public Affairs, tracks the funding history of federal disability programs. The chart divides the information by agency, listing underneath each agency specific programs that matter to children and adults with disabilities.

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